5 Reasons to Buy an NFT Display Frame in New York

reasons to buy nft display frame

There are several reasons to buy a display screen for nft in New York. In this article, we’ll take a look at MetroClick, Infinite Objects, Tokenframe, Samsung Frame, and other examples. Each of these products has a unique feature that makes them stand out among other types of digital displays. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself if the NFT display frame is the right purchase for your needs.


There are several reasons to buy an NFT display frame. One of these reasons is for a gallery-like appearance. The most advanced smart frames are designed to mimic a lifelike viewing experience no matter which angle is viewed. This feature can be an extremely useful tool for showcasing digital artwork. Regardless of the purpose for purchasing a frame, make sure you choose one that is both functional and attractive.

A smart frame is a great way to display a screen without a television. Some are equipped with proximity sensors to turn on or off automatically, while others have an LCD screen that displays a slideshow. Some of these smart frames are designed with ease-of-use in mind, with no wires in the way. Those with a computer can use any type of smart frame. One option is the Samsung SmartThing App.

Infinite Objects

The new digital technology makes collecting video art easy. Infinite Objects was created by Planeta and Giphy to make art that’s interactive and easy to own accessible to a wider audience. The company has produced a first set of video frames featuring works by artists like Sara Ludy, Sebastian Schmieg, and Allison Bagg. Each looping video has an option of either playing for 15 seconds or 24 hours. Since then, it’s expanded to include emojis and animations.

Besides a video print, Infinite Objects also offers a “Video Print” that is capable of looping one video forever. There’s no need for apps to work with these digital frames, either. Infinite Objects allows buyers to upload a video to a website and the video is then printed. Customers can also choose from any NFT to be included in their frames. The prices start at $79 for an 854 x 480 display frame.


There are several advantages to buying an NFT display frame. The first is that you can control the image quality with the help of the Tokenframe app. You can control the aspect ratio, color, and width of the images displayed. You can also schedule it to automatically switch the artworks when you are not home. Another great feature of this product is the Tokenframe’s built-in stereo speakers.

A second advantage is that it is cheap and can be used for a number of purposes. NFT prints can be printed on hats, T-shirts, and even clothing. You can also display digital artwork using these frames. In addition to the digital art display, you can display your crypto wallet information on them. There are various price points for different NFT prints. You can choose to purchase a digital frame for a lower price or go for a magnetic version.

Samsung Frame

If you are looking for an NFT display but don’t want to spend a fortune, then the Samsung Frame might be a good option. With a starting price of $599, this QLED HDR television comes in sizes from 32 inches to 75 inches. It is an excellent choice for a living room centerpiece. The Samsung Frame features a 16:9 aspect ratio and comes with multiple colors. Users will need to copy or use a third-party app to make the picture size compatible with the frame. Samsung’s Frame will also serve as a television, with dual functionality as a wall-mounted picture frame.

Despite the lack of consumer demand for the Samsung Frame, it is certainly an interesting new product. The NFT technology allows for an incredibly high resolution display. The Frame is a unique, picture-frame-like display that comes with a full NFT platform. Those who love art will find a variety of preloaded art offerings to choose from, including paintings and other works of art. Samsung also plans to add a subscription service to the NFT Art Store, allowing users to purchase additional art.