The Many Uses Of Customized Digital Screens In Restaurants

Customized digital screens have become the talk of the town, wherever you go. From corporate buildings to schoolrooms and from airports to lunch counters, they are everywhere. Not only do they drive sales for advertisers, but they also give consumers a window into the world around them.

customized digital screens

Customized digital screens

One way that customized digital screens have become so popular is that they replace traditional billboards and TV ads. Unlike billboards and TV ads, they are not static images on a flat surface. Digital screens change constantly, hence their ability to catch people’s attention. Just flip on a television or scan a magazine and you’ll see pictures of a different city or state every day. Add in a social media option like Facebook and Twitter and it’s a whole new world of interaction.

Replace traditional wait times

Customized digital signs can also replace traditional wait times in restaurants. Many customers don’t have the time to scan a long list of items, look at the menu and make a selection when they are hungry. They want a fast, friendly, personalized experience from start to finish. With the help of a professional sign company, digital signs can offer a restaurant owner everything they need to keep their customers happy and their wait times as low as possible. The same goes for movie theaters.

Digital menu boards are very attractive

Customized digital signs are not the only way restaurant managers are using them to attract more customers. Hotels, motels and rec centers often have them as a part of their marketing campaigns. A hotel manager can place the screens where people can watch a free video or tour the grounds before they check in. The hotel managers can include printed pictures and short promos for the rooms. In addition, many hotels have digital menu boards that display current and upcoming specials along with daily specials. These menu boards are very attractive and work well for restaurant managers who want to give people an up close look at the different offerings they have.

Attract customers

Not only are restaurant managers using digital signage to attract customers, but they are also using them to improve employee productivity. Studies show that a person’s attitude can make the difference between an unhappy employee and an ecstatic one. Using digital menu boards to post employees’ schedules and tasks can help to eliminate confusion and to improve worker retention. Having daily specials and promotions on digital menu boards can boost employee motivation and take some pressure off those that might feel underappreciated. In addition, some hotels are using digital signage to add entertainment for guests.

Customers expect to see digital signage

While it is true that sometimes changing a routine is necessary, customized digital screens offer restaurant managers another tool to turn to when they are struggling to meet customers’ expectations. Customers expect to see digital signage in a restaurant and when they see it, they tend to remember the name of the restaurant and the employees’ contact information. When restaurant managers design their digital menu boards, they can add photos, videos and special promos. When the new digital signage has been strategically placed throughout the restaurant, customers tend to remember it and recommend it to others.