4 Digital Signage Apps For Android

If you’re looking for a good digital signage app, then you may want to look into Android. Android users have a wide variety of options when it comes to apps for signage, and there are many great ones available for the platform. We’ll go over some of the most popular ones, including Rise Vision, Promota, and ScreenCloud. Read on to find out more about these apps and how they can help you with your digital signage.


If you are looking for an effective digital signage solution, you may want to consider ScreenScape. This cloud-based solution can turn any TV or monitor into a digital signage screen, with the help of a scalable layout. Screenscape offers content templates and a drag-and-drop media editor. It also features social media and cloud storage integrations, as well as video streaming.

It is possible to set the proxy setting to prevent the app from downloading and playing certain sites. However, this feature has a downside: sometimes websites may not work well with ScreenScape. One common example is when the website is behind a firewall. If this is the case, the proxy will not be able to read the website. The proxy will also be incompatible with the website, so you will need to turn it off.

This app provides plug-and-play solutions for businesses looking for an affordable digital signage solution. The hardware connects to a display device and the software gives users access to the tools needed to create and publish content on the screen. The screen can also be monitored remotely. With ScreenScape, you can manage all aspects of your screen, from the memory and CPU usage to the hardware configuration. This way, you can avoid any unwanted surprises when it comes to managing your content.

Rise Vision

If you want to deploy a digital signage network with ease, you can download the Rise Vision digital signage app from the Google Play store. This app allows you to schedule playback of content and delegate responsibilities. You can also deploy your digital signage network with media players that are pre-configured with Rise Vision. For a more streamlined experience, you can also install the Rise Vision desktop software on your PC. If you need more control, you can opt for the Enterprise plan, which offers more features.

As a cloud-based digital signage solution, Rise Vision allows you to create custom schedules and change presentations quickly. The app supports anywhere from one to 1,000 displays, and comes with a visual editor and customizable templates. It also provides features such as a digital menu board and integrations with weather, social media, and the media library. The app also has tools to manage users and add sub-accounts. It also gives you a view of the network status.


The Promota digital signage app lets you turn any display into a digital sign. It works on iOS, Android, webOS and Chromecast devices. It has hundreds of professional-looking templates that you can customize and share to social media. You can create a digital sign quickly and easily without having to deal with complicated content management systems or portals. The app also eliminates the need to learn complex HTML or CSS.

UCView is an international digital signage company. They have recently launched a new app store called Content Apps. This app will allow users to publish and select content, and will integrate with numerous free content sources. The Promota digital signage app on Google Play will be available for free on the app store. It’s an excellent choice for businesses that need to reach a wide audience quickly and efficiently. However, there are a few disadvantages to using this app.

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ScreenCloud is a cloud-based digital signage platform that helps you display content on any screen, be it large or small. You can upload and manage content, schedule updates, and even manage your screens remotely with the app. Use it to display promotions, share company news, and show social media. The company also has plans to expand into new markets. ScreenCloud is available on the Google Play store for both Android and iOS.

If you’re running a business, you can use ScreenCloud for Android TV to deliver relevant content on multiple screens. Once installed, you can pair multiple screens together to display content from several sources. Simply sign in using Duo or create an account on the ScreenCloud website and use the app to share content. Once connected, you’ll receive a code for your first screen and begin sharing content with others.